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For anyone who has been regularly following my recent work, can I ask for some detailed feedback on my work for Obliteration when you're not busy? I'm asking for this now because I've been advised that this would come in useful to improve my blog work which is also going to be examined in addition to my art work for college. petercoatesartanddesign.wordpr…

Here's the gallery for browsing- Project: Obliteration

And here's some suggested questions you could answer-

  • How much has my worked evolved so far in terms of art style and design?
  • Am I using all the right tools and software to their full potential?
  • In what ways does the setting and story appeal to you so far?
  • What can I do to improve my work?
Apart from that, feel free to talk about anything else that stands out to you personally and maybe talk about any particular characters that you think you like so far, anything at all. And feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

  • Watching: Ace Combat 7 2016 trailer
  • Playing: Doom 2016, AOT: Wings of Freedom




I haven't started drawing anything new yet apart from a commission here and there, but I'm certainly thinking about it!
In the mean time I might as well share some notes and research for future Obliteration pages:



Production report:
Page6 by GoneIn10SecondsJust sharing a panel that's under development from the next pages that are soon to be finished. Yeah the glasses on Van and Claudia are missing at the moment, I usually leave those to last.
Production report:
Xikaeda arrival2 by GoneIn10SecondsNext double page in the works!

Though initially not meant to be included, I decided to include an extra double page spread giving a little exposition regarding the global conflict that my characters are currently involved in. I thought this would also be an appropriate double page for the previous pages to transition to before continuing with the main story. This is the first page done so far.

As I mentioned some time before, origins of these extra terrestrial invaders known as the Xikaeda Plague and their objective are purposely left ambiguous for now.
Production report:Lighting and shading backgrounds by GoneIn10Seconds

A personal tip for anyone who doesn't think that they're the best at drawing- make full use of lighting and shading! Either that or go for a more 'loose' style of drawing as I've done when creating the background scenery you see now.

I don't consider background drawing to be my strength but I was still able to create this panel quicker than I thought thanks to this loose drawing style that I'm picking up for drawing backgrounds. It also gives a more artistic look to it, I think.
Production report:
Sorry for the lack of updates I had to recover from a cold before continuing my work, but here's what I've done so far-
SB-Warbeast battlefront3 by GoneIn10Seconds

Page3 by GoneIn10Seconds
Script and dialogue for this page:

After assisting Saya, Shelby observes her plane which is riddled with bullet holes yet barely flyable. Among the squadron everyone else has taken some form of damage except for their most valued pilot Sylvia and their leader Claudia. Sylvia exits her untouched fighter, followed by Roza who’s plane is in the same condition as Shelby’s.

Roza: Nice to see that you permanently want your plane to look like a hangar queen but I don’t think a real warrior is complete without battle scars.


Saya: Sylvia’s saved us more times than every Xikaeda we’ve taken down. Do you mean to tell us that’s not heroic enough to you? 

Roza: I’m just simply pointing out that we’ve all equally served in the military and we all have some kind of harsh souvenir to bring back. Shelby’s been shot, you’ve been stabbed, Claudia’s got a piece of shrapnel in her and I’ve been fucking dismembered. Yet why does Sylvia still get to walk around without a scratch that I know of-

Claudia: Life’s unfair I’m afraid, deal with it. 


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